Insect Screen/Fiberglass Door Screen

Insect Screen / Fiberglass Door Screen The product namemeshweight  Stealth PVC glass fiber plain weave window screening 18*16115gorso16*16115gorso 18*18115gorso 16*14115gorso Glassfiber Woven wire netting14*1485gOr so  Chemical fi

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Insect Screen / Fiberglass Door Screen

The product namemeshweight
 Stealth PVC glass fiber plain weave window screening


Glassfiber Woven wire netting
85gOr so
Chemical fiber wire netting
50D 40g 
100D 75g 
150D 90g 
Folding screens
100D 40g 
100D 75g 
100D 85g 
 fiberglass mesh      5*5 160g 
 5*5 145g 
 5*5 110g 
 5*5 75g 
 5*5 60g 
 8*8 50g 
 9*8 45g 
EPS from viscose cloth
5*5 90g 
5*5 110g 
 8*8 56g 
 9*9 70g 

 1) Shape beautiful, well-structured. The screens with PVC coated fiberglass woven monofilament yarn
2) made of attractive and safe to use, and good sealing effect.
 3) wide range. Corrosion-resistant, high strength, anti-aging, fireproof, needless to paint coloring.
 4) Non-toxic and tasteless.
 5) Gauze selection of glass fiber yarn, fire retardant.
 6) with anti-static function, do not stick ash, gas-permeable
 7) light transmission performance is good, with a true sense of the invisible effect.
used in industry and agricultural building to prevent from fly, mosquito and small inset etc.


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